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Pen and Ink

Gem of the sea

Cordbiere Lighthouse at dawn

Over the past month I have been inducted into the most wonderful community of Jèrriais; people who love the island of Jersey and who share a passion to preserve what makes it unique. They work tirelessly to protect what sits at the heart of Jersey’s cultural heritage, meeting everyday in the island’s historic buildings, parish halls, cafés, pubs, offices, meeting rooms and classrooms to share, use and improve their command of the Jèrriais language...

The day the Tooth Fairy forgot to show

A Letter to the Tooth Fairy, and the Tooth Fairy's reply

It has been a while since my last post and for very good reason. The past month has been like living in a crazy whirlwind since I accepted a teaching position in Jersey. Not my usual area of expertise though; something completely new. A really exciting opportunity to be part of a movement that hopes to bring the critically endangered language Jèrriais to the youngest members of Jersey’s community...

Scraping My Belly Across the Bottom of the Pool

Picture of Bouley Bay in the summer at Jersey, in the Channel Islands

During a recent chat about swimming lessons, eight-year-old Sam was very excited to tell me he was such a good swimmer that he could dive down to the bottom of the pool and scrape his tummy along the floor. Not being a terrific fan of exercise, it is rare you will find me running or cycling up any steep hills when I can just as easily walk. Swimming however, I love, and when I think back I realise it is because water was a massive part of my childhood...

More Important Than Ever

Picture of a stormy ocean - encouraging political involvement is now more important than ever

This time last week I was writing about the importance of demonstrating the value of democracy to the youngest people in our society. As the United Kingdom reels from the shock of last week’s European Union Referendum decision the realisation is dawning that an irreversible decision has been made that will have far reaching consequences...

Polling Day

Polling Station Sign

Last week my son Harry drew France in a Euro 2016 class sweepstake. For homework he was asked to find out five facts about France. So off to Google we went and as I was reading out interesting snippets of information from a children’s travel facts website, Harry stopped me. ‘What does that mean, mum?’ he asked when I read, ‘France is a democracy’...

Promoting Fundamental British Values in the Early Years

Promoting Fundamental British Values in the Early Years Book Cover


Provoking Creativity

A dinosaur park made from Lego

It’s been all about dinosaurs for our son Harry lately. Daily screen time has been dominated by playing LEGO Jurassic World on PS4 and before school creating small world paleontological dig scenes...

It’s about more than language…

Family in Jersey

I’m really excited to say that my new book about supporting children learning English as an additional language (EAL) is out today. I wrote this book in light of my experience teaching reception in a mainstream primary school in Jersey, where a large proportion of the population is of Madeiran origin...

A little inspiration

Boy on beach

Welcome to my new website earlyyearsclassroom.com! After some persuasion from my editor at Practical Pre-School Books and a lot of assistance from my husband (website creator extraordinaire), I am broadening my horizons and venturing into social media and blogging…